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Ecrit dans la plate forme de Microsoft.Net, SalesRep est la seule application complète du clic-to-chat des Web conçue pour répondre aux exigences des clients en matiére de vente en ligne .

Our 100% fiber optic network is completely fault-tolerant and redundant. We currently utilize the following providers: AboveNet (MFN), Global Crossing, Level3, Peer1, Teleglobe, and UUNET. Each of these carriers' networks provides us unique connectivity to the Internet, and each is used for its best routes.
Through the design and implementation of our network, we offer the reliability, performance, and scalability required to maintain 100% uptime.


Route Optimization:  
BGP4 (Border Gate Protocol) technology allows the traffic to your site to travel more efficiently by finding the best route for data to travel. On a typical server the traffic always takes the same route from client to server. BGP protocol repeatedly locates the most efficient route and carrier between client and server.


All servers are located at Equinix Datacenters. ( Security includes 5 layers of biometric palm scanners to enter and leave the facility, over 600 video cameras with 30 day digital recording, along with kevlar floors and walls.
Our primary datacenter in Chicago, IL offers N+1 Redundant UPS Systems backed up by 6 250 kW Onan/Cummins diesel generators with 36 hours of fuel. Redundant fiber optic cross-connects to diverse routers ensure 100% uptime.


Name Servers (DNS)
We maintain multiple domain name servers located at different locations throughout the United States. Each of these locations has multiple high-bandwidth Internet connections, battery and diesel generator back-up power, security, and access to three different major Internet backbones. These dispersed, redundant name servers give us the ability to always delegate your names, with no interruptions in service. We have gone to great lengths to make sure all of our name servers are up at all times.


Telephone system with ACD, IVR and voice mail
Voice traffic connected to our call center that insures over + 40 concurrent phone calls are processed at any one time.


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If you want more control and run the SalesRep Chat System Solution directly from your server and domain, then our Downloaded Version is right for you.  No need to use our servers because the application and database are located on your server! This give you control of the Chat System and provides you with an extra level of security and assurance. 

Unlimited representatives and departments : There are no built in limitations in our application and it is licensed on a per site / domain basis. You can get your entire staff to work with the application without having to purchase additional licenses!

No monthly payments or hidden costs : As you don't have to rely on any 3rd party company or site, you don't have to pay any subscriptions or recurrent fees to use this software.

Entirely Web Based :
Provide real-time customer service from any computer, anywhere with web access. Unlike other systems, there is no need to install any client applications, Just launch your web browser!

Server Requirements
SalesRep Chat System Server version has been developed to run exclusively on web sites hosted on Windows Servers with Internet Information Server 5.0 or higher, ASP 3.0 and Microsoft .Net Framework Installed.
No other Platforms are supported if you want to run this on a different platform please use our hosted solution.

Database Requirements
SalesRep Chat System Server runs on Microsoft SQL 2000 database.

This application supports a wide range of 3rd party mail components : JMail, AspSmartMail, ASPEmail, ASPMail, DevMailer, SASMTPMail, CDONTS.
Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher on a windows based PC is required for the representatives chat sessions and system administration